Your life may be crazy, but your nails can be lovely!



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"As a busy mom of 4 little ones, I had all but given up on having nice looking nails. Carving out the time to sit uninterrupted (and un-bumped!) to paint my nails and then let them dry before needing to use my hands was next to impossible most days! I was loath to give up my precious nap time or post-bed time to such a task. Then I was introduced to Color Street! I had tried other nail wrap products in the past, but it wasn't for me. THIS rocked my world! 100% nail polish in the convenience of an easy to apply strip. I can give myself an amazing manicure while my toddler climbs in and out of my lap, and I can go change a diaper or slice an apple as soon as I'm finished, no wait time! When it's time for a change, a simple swipe of nail polish remover takes it all off. Your life may be crazy, but your nails can be lovely!" - Kinsor

The 2018 Spring Collection


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